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It was just a year back when I started experiencing rapid hair loss. Losing those long-luscious curls in a matter of days were no less than a nightmare, besides those blank stares wherever I stepped in! My dermatologist, with much conviction, recommended HairVoeux. Well, for me it worked like a miracle and my images speak for it.



None can estimate the humiliation that my pre-mature baldness put me through in college. The only respite seemed to be hair-transplant. Being hell scared of injections and surgeries, I gulped the insults, until recently, when I came across HairVoeux on the internet. After six months of regular use, the results are just incredible. My hair is growing faster than ever before!



My postpartum period was filled with despair and depression due to the excessive hair loss which I was completely unprepared for. Then my friend recommended HairVoeux. Within a month of use I could almost feel tiny growth across the scalp, the next couple of months I was already receiving praises for the rapid regrowth.


New York

I am in my late 40s and well aware that losing hair at this age is quite natural. But, somehow my receding hairline affected my self-confidence badly. I gave HairVoeux a try and it worked like magic - apart from the steady hair growth, I could feel an improvement in my hair quality as well!